So what do these Beta members get:


4 sessions of One on One coaching calls to get started on the right path – $997 value

(this is only available to the 10 beta members. in the past my 1-1 coaching went for 4 sessions for $997)


a full step by step video series  on ranking organic and in maps – $3997 value

(includes going into detail on the steps outlined in the ebook)


Upto 5 links from my personal PBN network – $350 value

(I sell pbn links for $69 one time to only my closest associates)


Detailed videos on how I source my PBNs and how I buy and set up $12 PBNs to rank sites – $997 value

(I honestly dont know any course which teaches this. With $200 worth PBNs you can rank 2-3 lead gen sites and rent them for $500/mo easy)


The ONLY method I use now to get clients first before starting to rank a site! – $297 value

My secret citations strategy to get ranked in maps – $997 value

(if I show you how this consistently gets you ranked in maps, how much would it be valuable to you?)


One free leadgen website set up (includes content and website design) – $297 value

How to build one master authority site and get it ranking in maps and organic for multiple locations – $997 value


Total value $7891


I have paid $5k for courses which teach less than half of what I provide!

But for beta students only its going to be for a fraction of this amount!

I need a few case studies and success stories before I launch and so I am throwing this offer out to only 10 serious guys/gals.


So You will pay ONLY $1497 one time.


And in return for all this all I ask is a video testimony from you once you have got your 1st site ranked and obtained your client.


Who’s in? Lets go!!!